StormRT should be easy to install on most UNIX-based platforms using standard compilers.

The following builds have been tested successfully:

Machine Type Architecture Operating System Compiler
workstation amd64 Scientific Linux 5.1 gcc 4.1
cluster amd64 RHEL 5 gcc
cluster amd64 RHEL 5 icc

Installation of stormrt-3.2.2:

(1) Unpack stormrt-3.2.2.(date).tbz
(2) create make/Makefile.(architecture) appropriate for 
    target platform
(3) edit Makefile to include the platform-dependent file created in step 2
(4) gmake

>>> stormrt-3.2.2 is now installed in the ./include and ./lib directories

Building tools:

(1) from the main directory, cd tools
(2) gmake
(3) mcf2xyz.x is now installed in ./bin

Installing LAMMPS/mcf patch:

(1) cp apps/patch-lammps-19May09 /path/to/lammps-19May09
(2) cd /path/to/lammps-19May09
(3) patch -p1 < patch-lammps-19May09
(4) make serial_fftw_mcf

Testing LAMMPS/mcf output:

(1) cd examples/melt
(2) ../../src/lmp_fftw_mcf < in.melt.mcf
(3) mcf2xyz.x --lammps --mmax 12 --natom 400 --stepmax 10000 dump.melt

>>> compare dump2.melt with

For information related to StormRT contact: DAR

Copyright © 2008-2009 Brown Deer Technology, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

StormRT is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3).